October 19, 2019 9am-3pm


4316 Commercial Way 
Spring Hill, FL 34606

If there is or soon will be a canine companion in your life, Responsible Dog Ownership Day encourages you to make a promise, not just to your loyal hound, but to all of those who may be affected by him. Dogs bring many benefits into our lives and to ensure they remain healthy, happy and safe; we need to be on the look out for their well-being and the well-being of those around them.  Many do not take into consideration all the care involved when taking in a canine companion.  Their size, energy, medical care, temperament, and many other needs are the dog owner’s responsibility.


All fellow Great Dane lovers as well as anyone interested in learning about the most gentle lovable breed is welcome to come learn from veteran Great Dane owners. Topics such as Dane-proofing your home, obedience, agility, feeding and exercising, general health are all happily discussed!

For more information on responsible dog, ownership visit www.akc.org. Use #ResponsibleDogOwnershipDay to post on social media.


The American Kennel Club promotes Responsible Dog Ownership Days across the country annually.  Since at least September 17, 2003, on the 119th anniversary of the AKC, Responsible Dog Ownership Day has been encouraging dog owners to be the most respectful, caring, and responsible companion to their canine they can be.